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TDS 3000 Series empowers art at Newark electric station

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Hurricane Sandy took its toll on many things, including Newark’s grid reliability. PSEG decided to invest $277 million into a new switching station in the Fairmont Heights neighborhood of Newark to improve the city’s grid reliability after Hurricane Sandy. Switching stations re-route electricity to backup lines in case of failure. So if the main distribution […]

The Importance of Loading Dock Trench Drains

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It’s a good idea to install trench drains in loading docks because most loading dock ramps slope downward toward the building so trucks can unload merchandise.  When it rains, runoff water will flood the lower portion of the ramp unless a trench drain or catch basin is installed to drain the loading dock. I mention […]

5 Little Known Facts About POLYCAST 3000

Polycast 3000 Series installed at international airport

Five Little Know Facts About the POLYCAST 3000 Series The 3000 Series trench drain system has been around since the year 1998. I remember first seeing the pre-sloped fiberglass system on a set of construction plans while estimating for a precast concrete manufacturer in Bethlehem, PA. The long throat (or neck, as some may say) of the […]