Trench•Era™ – Modular Trench Drain

Trench Era

Trench•Era™ by TDS is a new concept in high-capacity linear drainage which offers installation flexibility to designers and contractors. Consisting of three main groups, including frame and rail, EPS foam forms and prefabricated channels, this robust system provides several drainage solutions for heavy-duty projects depending on the unique frame system being used.

Typical Applications

  • Highways

  • Airports

  • Ports & Shipyards

  • Refineries

  • Military Facilities

  • Loading Docks

Trench Era - FF Series Trans
Trenchera System Spec-FF

Frame Your Own Form


First in the Trench•Era™ multi channel system, the FF series or Fast Frame™ is a traditional frame and grate drainage system where the channel is formed from wood in the field. The versatile Trench•Era™ FF series is designed to make frame attachment and removal easy. These frames are available in both stainless or galvanized steel and in lengths of 4′, 6′, and 8′ sections. To further the customizable nature of this heavy-duty system, it is also available in 8″, 10″, 12″, 14″ and 17″ widths.

A frame and grate trench drain allows the contractor to shape and form the channel to ensure appropriate depth and to incorporate any desired slope. The positioning of pipe inlets/outlets can also be tailored as needed on site. Upon completing the concrete pouring process the spanner bars and concrete forms are removed and the grates installed. Load Class A through F are supported depending on the project’s requirements.

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Disposable Form

FE0600 – FE0800 – FE1200

The versatile FE series is straightforward design that is supplied with either a stainless or galvanized steel frame in 4′, 6′ or 8′ lengths and a disposable EPS foam concrete form. This form incorporates a pre-slope for reducing labor and speeds up installation time. Custom slopes and profiles are available through a free quote. Neutral forms can be added throughout to extend system lengths. Widths of the forms are also 6″, 8″ and 12″ depending on the chosen style. The foam makes allowances for inlets and outlets to be placed where needed. Simply position the pipe into the EPS foam before pouring the concrete around it. Be sure to remove the spanner bars and the forms prior to grate install. Load Class A through F grates are supported by this system making it ideal for a variety of applications.

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Trenchera System Spec-FE

Leave-In Channel

FP0600 – FP0800 – FP1200

Designed for fast drainage and quick solutions, the FP series comes standard with a framing system in either stainless or galvanized steel. Either material supports 1.5″ thick grates that range in load rating from Load Class A to F, which is determined by the type of traffic moving over the area. Incorporating the standard TDS FP series and the redesigned 3000 Series™ (now FP0600), this frame and fiberglass linear system is ideal for applications where chemical effluent or increased flow rates are required.

Trenchera System Spec-FP

Choices of length include 4′, 6′, and 8′ with a preformed channel, which can maintain a 1% continuous slope over 120′. To support larger project lengths, neutral channels can be added throughout a run or section. Channel widths consist of 6″ for the FP0600, 8″ for the FP0800, and 12″ for FP1200. A spanner bar or spacer (which is removed later) is used to assist in establishing these dimensions.

End pieces that can serve as either a closed cap or open pipe outlet/inlet are included with the system. A bottom outlet, pre-fabricated corners and tee sections are also available to further customize to the needs of your project. The system can be assembled on site or TDS offers a pre-assembled option at an additional charge.

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The Trench•Era™ drainage system provides a customizable high-capacity water management solution to suit a variety of applications and load ratings. It is available in three large flow system widths (6″, 8″, and 12″). All systems include grating options that are high capacity and heavy-duty, allowing this trench drain series to move large volumes of storm water away from an area quickly and efficiently.

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