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Bronze Age™ Introduces Ductile Iron Grates

Bronze Age™ decorative grates by Trench Drain Systems takes another step forward by adding 3″ ductile iron grates to the exclusive collection. These grates are available in several ADA-compliant and heelproof patterns. A large assortment of materials and patterns provides an opportunity to add style and functionality to outdoor living spaces.  

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Bronze Age™ – Ductile Iron

Through the Bronze Age™ collection, Trench Drain Systems offers the industry’s largest variety of decorative grating options for the NDS® Mini Channel, as well as the TDS MAX Mini™ linear drainage systems. 

The 3″ wide decorative ductile iron grating is compatible with both of these versatile trench drains. While these decorative metal grates are available in both a natural and a baked-on oil finish (BoOF), the natural grates not available for the Max Mini™. All ductile cast-iron grates begin to naturally rust with exposure to any form of moisture and most will appear bright orange before settling to brown. With the baked-on oil finish, the grates will still rust, but not to the same extreme as a raw grate. The natural grates arrive with a temporary black coating and will eventually transition to a dark brown color as it wears away. 

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  • Durable Material
    Bronze Age­™ grates are created with quality metal materials providing you a lifetime of natural beauty.
  • Sophisticated
    Decorative grating options add sophistication to patios, parks, and walkways.
  • Large Inventory in Stock
    Grates are available and ready for your project at our warehouse conveniently located in Northwest Ohio. 


  • 2.75″ x 12″ (NDS Mini Channel)
  • Two predrilled countersunk holes per grate
  • Rated Class A (Pedestrian Traffic)
  • ADA-Compliant
  • Heel Friendly (Most are Heel Proof)
BA-LUNA-0312 BA-BARS-0312
BA-RAIN-0312 BA-SLOT-0312

These grates join an extensive collection of 3″ decorative grates with exclusive patterns that are available in bronze, polished bronze, aluminum, and stainless steel.    

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