7 Facts About The FP Series Trench Drain


The FP Series trench drain is a large flow, transportation drainage product developed by Hubbell POLYCAST® in 2010. TDS purchased and then redesigned this drain in 2016. At the time of its introduction to the market, it filled a void for high-volume pre-sloped systems for heavy load stormwater applications.

7 Facts About FP Series

1: Trench Drain Systems purchased this system in 2016 and redesigned aspects of the FP Series in 2017. 

2: This fast drainage system is made in the United States. This means it qualifies for projects, which require “Made in USA” or have a 100% steel from the U.S. requirement. This is especially important in transportation and military projects.

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3: Designed for fast drainage and quick solutions, the FP series (now the Trench•Era™) comes standard with a framing system in either stainless or galvanized steel. Either material supports 1.5″ thick grates that range in load rating from Load Class A to F, which is determined by the type of traffic moving over the area. Previously, painted frames were the standard offering. If required, TDS will supply FP products with painted frames. Lead times may apply.

4: Originally, the FP series had limited grating options available, all being made from ductile iron. After acquiring the product line, TDS recognized that more grating options were needed and added fiberglass to fill this requirement. 

5: FP series channels with custom fiberglass formulations are available. Polyester resins are typically used for storm water applications. However, if products are to be used in a specialty chemical or need to pass ASTM E84 standards, the fiberglass formulations can be engineered to meet those requirements by requesting a quote. Lead times will apply to those situations.

6: The FP1200 drain system is available and exclusively in stock at Trench Drain Systems’ warehouse in Fremont, Ohio.

7: The FP series has also expanded into the FF series or Fast Frame™ , which is a traditional frame and grate drainage system where the channel is formed from wood in the field. It is designed to make frame attachment and removal easy.

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Who installs FP1200? Read how it was used to solve a bank’s flooding challenges.

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