7 Facts About POLYCAST’s FP Series Trench Drain

FP1200 Highway Installation

Seven Facts you didn’t know about POLYCAST’s FP Series Trench Drain

The POLYCAST® FP series Trench Drain (Fiberglass POLYCAST®) is a large flow, transportation drainage product developed in 2010 by Hubbell’s POLYCAST® division in Lenoir City TN. At the time of its introduction to the market, it filled a void in the POLYCAST® product line for a higher volume, pre-sloped systems to be with heavy loads in a stormwater (civil) application. Two products were covered in their original offering, FP0800 and FP1200, respectively, had 8 inch and 12 inch channel widths. This dynamic duo was meant to replace the their POLYCAST® 3000 series, Hubbell’s original large volume trench drain that was developed 12 years earlier.

Fast forward to 2020, the circumstances around the FP series product line have changed. Old websites still promote it as a POLYCAST® product (not true). Other sites talk of its demise (also, fake news). So, to set the record straight, here are Seven Facts you probably didn’t know about the POLYCAST® FP series trench drain system.

FP1200 Drainage System
Recent installation of the FP1200 drainage system.
  1. This year 2020, FP series Trench Drain is 10 years old. Hubbell developed the FP series after much study and development in 2010. They retired the product in 2015 after deciding to focus on polymer concrete based products, such as Quazite boxes and other POLYCAST® trench drain products. Trench Drain Systems (TDS), located in Fremont, Ohio, purchased the FP grating molds and some inventory from Hubbell in 2016. The product was re-designed in 2017 and rolled back out into the market in 2018.
  2. FP series is made in the USA. To be more specific, the FP series is made in Ohio. That means it qualifies for projects which require “Made in USA” or have 100% steel from the US. This is especially important in transportation and military projects.
  3. FP series channels frames are available with Galvanized or Stainless Steel. Previously, painted frames were the standard offering. If required, TDS will supply FP products with painted frames. Lead times may apply.
  4. Originally, Hubbell’s FP series had only four grating options available, all of them being made from ductile iron. After acquiring the product line, TDS recognized that more grating options were needed and added 2 bar grating and 2 fiberglass grating options to their product offering.
  5. FP series channels with custom fiberglass formulations are available. Polyester resins are typically used for storm water applications. However, if products are to be used in a specialty chemical or need to pass ASTM E84 standards, the fiberglass formulations can be engineered to meet those requirements. Lead times will apply to those situations.
  6. The FP1200 drain system is available and in stock from Trench Drain Systems’ warehouse in Fremont, Ohio. No other supplier has this product in stock. Don’t be fooled by a “bait and switch” campaign.
  7. The FP0800 system is being re-designed by TDS and is expected to be re-introduced to the market in 2021. In the meantime, for those needing an 8” wide drain system, their 3000 series drain (also previously a POLYCAST® product) is available.

Trench Drain Systems is a national distributor and manufacturer of linear drainage products.  Some of their products are available for purchase on-line at www.DrainageKits.com.  To speak directly to a sales professional, contact them at 610-638-1221 or email [email protected].

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