Keep Your She Shed, Man Cave or Kid Cabin Safe from Water Damage

MAX Mini She Shed Drains

It’s official, having an outdoor shed is for everyone. Men have always had the need for a place to store everything from shovels and John Deere mowers to motorcycles and monster trucks. They evolved to becoming a place for guys to hang out and talk about manly things. Ladies are joining the movement to have a space of their own with the recent popularity of she shed. They are materializing in the form of areas for finding Zen with yoga, creative art studios, garden sheds or a refined space to meet with the girls. Lowe’s did a great job of providing some ideas in a recent post. In many cases, a lot of time and money are invested in these buildings both internally and externally. Is your investment protected from moisture damage?

Plants and soil help to naturally soak up rainfall but having a drainage system will help with excessive runoff.

There are many factors that can lead to flooding or conditions that are perfect for rotting or mold. Sheds built on slopes can have a natural flow of rainfall leading to your structure. Even a flat area can have issues with standing water that drains slowly or pools. If it is located near concrete or paved surfaces, the stormwater may head for the shed without proper drainage systems to divert it. Other sources of potential water damage include water shedding from the roof of the shed itself or lawn sprinklers and irrigation systems. There are several options to avoid water damage.

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Standing water, water from nearby surfaces or water shedding from the shed itself are all great reasons to incorporate a trench drain system.

How you plan your drainage solutions depends upon where you are with your project. If you are still in the planning stages, you can consider factors such as finding the best location for the shed. You can also consider the landscape elevations and the soil type. Regions that have dense earth such as clay can be nonporous which means that rainwater won’t naturally soak into the ground. As you plan construction, you can think about the foundation of the shed and what variation will work out best for your project. You could elevate the structure but that is just one part of having proper drainage. Another possibility is to include gravel as part of the foundation to provide natural absorption. Refer to the layout and design specifications or consult with the manufacturer of your shed to find out the type of gravel to use as well as what depth and how far beyond the shed the footprint should extend. In some cases, you may have to back track and add additional drainage solutions if your shed is already in place.

MAX Mini She Shed Drains
The MAX Mini trench drain system offers beautiful, yet practical options for effective drainage with an appealing look.

If your she shed/man cave/kid cabin needs extra water resistance you can approach it the same as you do with any structure. You can trench drains around the perimeter of your buildings. They come in a wide range of sizes and materials. There are variations of grates that will blend into the surroundings or decorative grates that will give your area more of a high-end appearance.

Trench drains around the perimeter of the building will help to divert storm water away from your shed.

Trench Drain Systems offers drainage kits that include everything you need to complete this project whether you’re a DIYer or for a contractor to complete for you. If you’re not sure what you want to do or what you’re going to need, call our experts who can help you select the best option for your outdoor space.

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