Polycast 500 – A Polymer Concrete Deck Drain

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The Polycast 500 is proof that not all commercial drains are the same.

Hubbell Power Systems manufactures the Polycast Trench Drain Systems product line, which is geared toward commercial applications.  The Polycast 600 and 700 are well known polymer concrete trench drain brands commonly seen throughout the industry.

Polycast 600 is a pre-sloped channel drain system that has a variety of interchangeable grates selected based on the load and chemical requirements of the application.  By adding a frame to the 600 series channel, the load bearing capabilities of the system is increased.  This frame addition is the only difference between the Polycast 600 and 700 drainage systems.

polycast 600 drain, poly 600, polycast 500 drain, poly 500, polymer trench drain, low profile drainLearn more about the Polycast 600/700 Series here.

Another Hubbell product, Polycast’s 500, is proof that not all small commercial drains are the same.  Though the Polycast 500 and 600 look alike from above after installation, there are some stark differences between the systems; most noticeably the channel depth.  Polycast 500 Series is a low profile polymer concrete system. Its shallow depth (1.75 ” ID) lends it particularly well to applications where channel depths are restricted and flow rates are low or incidental.  Parking garages and suspended concrete decks are two such applications.   Polycast 600, with its ever deepening channels, is used in applications where high flows are experienced.  The sloped channels help to transport the water and act as a reservoir during collection.


poly 500 series, polycast low profile, poly deck drain, 500 series, galvanized deck drain, reinforced low profile drainIt’s not always easy to balance physical drain depth limitations and flow requirements. The biggest problem contractors run into with the 500 Series is that the system cannot handle the water flow that the applications dictates.  If this situation occurs, the alternatives are to either use a slightly deeper system (if space is available) or find a slightly wider system.  Both options give an added amount of volume to the cross-section of the drain, and thus, more capacity.

For instance, adding a frame to the 500 Series almost doubles the flow capacity while only adding slightly more than an inch of depth. In fact, using a frame with the 500 series is recommended when reinforced grating is required.  Reinforced grating, as shown below, has ribs that strengthen the grate, but reach down into the channel.   These ribs act as weirs to constrict water flow and assist in sedimentation.  A frame raises the grating, lifting the ribs 1.5 inches away from the channel bottom and allowing water to flow more freely.

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More Low-Profile Trench Drains for Decks

Wider deck drains are available in the marketplace, though not by Polycast.  These drains are typically a little deeper than the Polycast 500 series.  Case in point, NDS Pro-Series 8 shallow channel is 8″ wide and 4″ deep.  This product is pushing the limits of a deck drain and doesn’t have a very good selection of grating options.

A custom stainless steel drain is also an option when trying to increase flow capacity.  Stainless steel channels can be made in any dimension to fit a grating of your choice.  Just remember, the wider the drain you design, the thicker the grate needs to be.  You’ll want to focus on your grate selection before you decide on the channel design.

Other deck drains are available in the marketplace and can be purchased through trench drain supply companies.  Consider the LZ1000 polymer concrete low profile drain by Mea-Josam, which sports an integral galvanized or stainless steel metal rail.  For fans of plastic bodied drains, Zurn Z883 and NDS shallow Pro-Series 5 are two products that are lightweight and easy to install.

There are many polymer concrete pre-sloped, trench drain systems on the market.  They all will handle large volumes of water due to their progressively deepening channel geometry.  The Polycast 500 deck drain is the opposite of this.  This low profile trench drain is used in projects where there is little water flow or a depth restriction.

If you are working on a water runoff project and need information on trench drains, feel free to contact Hannah Schroer or leave a comment below.

Products similar to Polycast 500 are available and can be purchased from Trench Drain Systems.  Contact us by emailing your request or calling 610-638-1221.

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