Made in America: POLYCAST® Trench Drain

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POLYCAST® is a leading American manufacturer of polymer concrete trench drains and high volume fiberglass drainage systems.

Started in Fargo, North Dakota almost 32 years ago, POLYCAST® grew its line of drainage products and became an instrumental part of the U.S. trench drain industry. The company’s product offerings recently expanded after Hubbell, a multinational company headquartered in Shelton, Conn., purchased POLYCAST® in 2006.

“POLYCAST® is known widely for being one of the only American owned companies in the trench drain industry,” says Eric Moira, Product Manager at POLYCAST®.

Being an American company, POLYCAST® manufactures trench drain in American style, designing concrete trench drains in 4’ lengths instead of the 1 meter sections used by European companies. Longer fiberglass channels also come in an 8’ length, making long drain runs easier to install.

polycast 600 series, poly 600, concrete trench drain, concrete drain system, concrete trench drainage system“[It] gives our customer a quicker installation at the same competitive price,” Moira says.

The 600 Series, a 6” wide polymer concrete drainage system with an impressive list of grating options (both industrial and decorative), has been their strongest offering for years. The 600 Series is pre-sloped, allowing contractors and homeowners alike to pick the depths that work best for their projects. With multiple outlet options and several complementary catch basins, the POLYCAST® 600 Series is extremely adaptable.

Moira says the 600 Series’ installation chairs help make the system so popular by cutting installation time by more than 20 percent.

Now the 600 Series is fighting off a POLYCAST® newcomer, the FP800 Series. Growing in popularity, this 8” wide fiberglass trench drain system drains up to 6,700 gallons of water per minute. As its design suggests, this system is geared toward high capacity drainage situations such as roadways and large parking lots. It’s also a more flexible system for layouts.

poly 3000, polycast 3000 series, polycast trench drain, poly drain, road drain, cast iron grate, h20 load drain“When you have to ‘T’ into the side and turn at a 90 degree angle, we have the proper fittings to make that happen,” Moira says. “This replaces the “old fashioned” way of cutting the channel or having to put a structure in order to change directions.”

Being manufactured in the U.S. plays a critical part in their success because it allows the company’s drainage systems to be used with any project in the US at any time. POLYCAST® is installed everywhere, from interstates to major airports and even military bases around the country.

Moira states, “When a contractor purchases POLYCAST® they can confidently say that they had a part in keeping the backbone of the U.S. work force moving in the right direction.”

POLYCAST® manufactures many of its products in Lenoir City, Tenn. 30 miles west of Knoxville, Tenn. With secondary manufacturing facilities across the border, POLYCAST® has the ability to provide either domestic grates or import grates on virtually all of its trench drain systems.

“Our first choice is to always supply domestic made products,” Moira says.

Did you know Iron Age Designs, the subject of our previous “Made in America” article, makes a decorative cast iron grate for the POLYCAST® 600 Series?

Trench Drain Systems is happy to have brought you this article! If you have a question about POLYCAST® trench grates, decorative grating upgrades for POLYCAST® or the fiberglass FP800 drainage system, email us or call one of our experts today 610-638-1221 to discuss your application.

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