Decorative Metal Spee-D Channel Grates

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Trench Drain Systems is the first in the industry to provide 4″ metal decorative grating for one of NDS’s most popular drainage systems, the Spee-D® Channel. This drain system is extremely versatile and can be used in a variety of light traffic applications, such as patios, pools, or greenhouses. 

Bronze Age Logo

Since 2015, Trench Drain Systems has been developing decorative grating for the exclusive Bronze Age product line. This decorative line is made in America and uses durable bronze, stainless, and galvanized material to maintain a sleek and stylish look, especially when installed within a drainage system.

The NDS Spee-D® Channel trench drain system is a 4.75″ PVC channel drain designed for residential and light commercial applications. The drainage kits come with a lightweight neutral channel, end cap/outlet, couplers, hold-down screws, and metal grates (304 stainless or galvanized steel). Be aware that 316L stainless steel is necessary for saltwater or marine applications. All decorative metal Spee-D® Channel grating styles are ADA-compliant, heel-proof, and available in 24″ or 48″ lengths.

Although the Spee-D® Channel drainage kits in our online store only go up to 40′, TDS can provide a free quote for larger projects or for 316L grating.

Square Deco

The TDS Square Deco decorative grate is made of 304 stainless steel and designed to fit the 4″ wide NDS Spee-D® Channel trench drain system. The Square Deco grate features an attractive and exclusive TDS pattern while also being rated as Load Class A for lighter loads. These stainless grate systems are perfect for pedestrians, bicycles, and golf carts. Galvanized grates are also available.


Taking inspiration from the historic churches in England, the Cathedral pattern offers a clean look with a lasting beauty. Made specifically for Trench Drain Systems this antique pattern is ADA-compliant and heel-friendly making it ideal for swimming pools, patios or spas.   


For a simpler look, the Foam pattern provides a standard perforated grate with that little something extra in its decorative design. Small perforations were added to the structure to emulate bubbles, earning its name.     


Add a modern look to showers, spa and pool decks with the unique transverse slot design. The elongated slots provide a heel-friendly surface while still being upscale.       


Made in the USA and rated for lighter loads makes the Perforated pattern ideal for a variety of drain installations, such as courtyards, plazas, or sidewalks. This classic design is both heel-proof and ADA-compliant for wheel chairs.

Trench Drain Systems is one of the largest distributors in the United States who are committed to providing you with quick solutions to all your surface water runoff problems. Our professional staff can assess your project requirements and quickly offer you competitive pricing and information regarding the products you need.

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