Growing Options of Metal Decorative Grates For NDS Products

Mini Channel Aluminum Tardis Grates and Slim Channel Bronze Slotted Grates

The grate options are expanding for the ever popular Mini Channel and Slim Channel drainage systems manufactured by National Diversified Systems (NDS). These well known and consumer friendly linear drains are manufactured in Fresno, California by NDS and warehoused in locations all over the United States.

The Mini Channel is a 3-inch wide system that is quickly becoming a standard in residential and light commercial patio and deck applications. The Slim Channel is a 2-inch wide drain system that offers economy and function for linear drain projects that don’t experience heavy flows. Both innovative systems have design flexibility, including corner and Tee sections, bottom and end outlets, and UV inhibited plastic grates that come in three patterns and a variety of colors. NDS also offers two patterns in ductile iron for the Mini Channel.

Trench Drain Systems (TDS) has been a strong supporter of the NDS Mini Channel for many years. TDS remains one of the largest stocking distributors of Mini Channel and have helped to develop and customize the Mini Channel and Slim Channel drain systems in ways described below.

Sand Channels and Components

Gray channel and components have always been the standard for Mini Channel. After hearing complaints from customers about the gray channel edging left exposed after installation, TDS approached the manufacturer to add an additional color scheme. In 2017, NDS manufactured a production run of Mini Channel in a lighter earth tone color for TDS, thus pioneering the Sand Mini Channel. Now lighter grating colors don’t need to have a dark contrasting channel edging, which can be distracting and less complimentary.

Sand Mini Channel

Custom Manufactured Components

NDS has a limited offering of channel lengths and corner sections. Trench Drain Systems can custom fabricate corners and tees with all NDS grating options in its Fremont, Ohio manufacturing facility. If custom bottom or side outlets are required, contact TDS to see how we might make your custom project more seamless

Mini Channel side outlet

MAX Mini Product Line

In 2018, TDS began designing the MAX Mini product line. It is based on the NDS Mini Channel. Rather than plastic grating and simple channels and components, MAX Mini gives your patio or deck drain project an aesthetic boost by utilizing metallic channel edging and TDS Bronze Age grating. The MAX Mini systems are custom to the individual project. We engineer the drains to your specifications, exactly. When you receive your product, it arrives with a drawing and an installation guide. Though not for everyone, MAX Mini is priced competitively with other similar systems.

Max Mini

Bronze Age Grating Options

Trench Drain Systems has been slowly developing decorative grating for the NDS Mini Channel since 2015. Customers were asking for patio and deck channel grating that were corrosion free, durable and stylish.

Bronze Age Logo

Unsatisfied with the options available, company engineers began to design a handful of patterns that were considered popular. Then in 2019, more patterns were added to the grating family which has become known as Bronze Age Grates. We are proud to say these grates are made in America.

The patterns, shown below, are available in bronze and a salt-water resistant aluminum alloy. Bronze grating is available as a raw or a brushed finish and go well with the sand channels of the Mini Channel product line. Aluminum grates are offered in a raw aluminum color and work well with the gray Mini Channel. Aluminum grates can be powder coated, through a service provided by TDS. Bronze Age patterns are among the options available in the MAX Mini product offerings.

Slotted Bronze Age Grates

Slotted Grates

This popular pattern has been around for years and matches the grating style displayed by most NDS Mini Channel grates. The Slotted grate is a fan favorite with the ruggedness of metal.

Bronze Age Grates Rain Drop

Rain Drop Grates

This pattern effectively achieves a Rain Drop appearance through a series of unique oblong perforations. The pattern is popular around swimming pools and water features.

Bronze Age Grates Cathedral

Cathedral Grates

The Cathedral pattern was named after a grating seen in a cathedral in walled city of Chester, England. It has a clean, organized pattern without being too industrial. Dare I say “holy”?

Bronze Age Grates Pedreda

Pedreda Grates

If you ever visit Barcelona, Spain, you will quickly learn about Antoni Gaudi and his architectural works including “La Pedrera“. The Pedreda is a pattern that plays on the name and is based on a simple grating seen at the entrance of this famous apartment complex. It is a small way of giving honor to the architectural genius of this Spanish designer.

Bronze Age Grates Tardis

Tardis Grates

Dr. Who fans will be excited by this clever pattern. The Tardis is a fictional time machine and space craft used in the British science fiction show “Dr. Who“. The interior of the Tardis used by the 13th Doctor inspired the Bronze Age Tardis grate pattern. The Tardis grating exhibits a futuristic metallic woven hexagonal pattern that when polished, reveals it’s 3-dimensional design.

Stainless Steel Decorative Grates

Stainless Steel Perforated Grates

Quite often, customers request stainless steel grating for the Mini Channel. TDS developed a simple, stainless steel perforated grate which seems to fit the bill. The grating pattern displayed here is nothing new, but it is heel safe, resists rust and functional.

Slim Channel Bronze Age Grates

Slim Channel Slotted Grates

The first Bronze Age Grate pattern for the NDS slim channel mimics the NDS slotted grate. The Slim Channel is the newest product line of NDS and is really beginning to find favor among the residential market. NDS offers three plastic grate designs in three color options. Trench Drain Systems is the first manufacturer to offer a metal grate option for the Slim Channel system.

Trench Drain Systems is a long-standing partner with NDS and their drainage product offerings. New and exciting grating options continue to be developed and introduced by TDS to compliment the NDS Mini Channel and Slim Channel systems. 

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