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3 Reasons To Consider Heel-Proof Grates

heelproof road drains, heel-proof grates, heel proof grating

Dear Construction Industry, don’t worry so much about heel-proof grates! Architects and contractors come to me all the time looking for trench drains – but with a catch! The grates need to be heel-proof. As in, no openings wider than .25 inches in the direction of traffic. But let’s get real here. 1. Heel-proof grates […]

Decorative Cast Iron Grating Options for the Meadrain EN2000 Polymer Channel

EN2000 grates, 8 inch drain grates, decorative 8 inch grates

The MEA EN2000 is used in applications where heavy wheel loads will be frequent and where occasional large volumes of run-off water can occur. Food processing plants, maintenance facilities and fire stations are a few of the locations where a slotted ductile iron grate is commonly used as a trench cover in these conditions. MEA’s polymer […]

Trench Drains Defined

Trench drain system in a city scape

Alternately called troughs, channels or gutters, trench drain systems play a large role in controlling and directing water runoff. They evacuate surface water, contain chemical spills, and even protect utility lines. A trench drain is generally made by pouring concrete around a form or modular channel and used in tandem with a variety of grating […]