Introducing Driveway Drainage Kits

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Driveway drainage kits are ideal for residential and a variety of commercial applications. The installation of a drain system is an important part of any new or existing infrastructure. A trench drain can stretch across the entire driveway effectively stopping the water flow before it can harm your garage, basement, foundation, or nearby structures. The task of specifying and purchasing a water runoff control system has been made simple with driveway drainage kits.



Available in pre-sloped or neutral kits the 5″ to 6″ drain systems have more decorative options to choose from and are suitable for normal amounts of water runoff from storms. Selecting the appropriate Load Class is another important aspect of installing a trench drain system. The residential and light commercial applications call for a Load Class B or Class C depending on the traffic moving across the grate. A higher class is required for heavier vehicles.


Decorative Sloped Systems

A variety of decorative cast iron grates are available for driveway drainage systems. These systems are available with pre-sloped channels allowing water flow to move away from an area quickly, making these trench drains both effective and aesthetically pleasing.


Decorative Shallow Systems

Some projects have depth limitations, where the standard pre-sloped system does not meet the needs of the application. A shallow system provides a solution to this height issue. These drain systems are neutral or non-sloping with a variety of decorative grate covers available.


Decorative Neutral Systems

A neutral system consists of a straight channel versus a sloping one. It handles the same capacity to remove and quickly redirect stormwater runoff. Not only does this system have a large variety of cast iron decorative grates to choose from, but there are also several stainless steel options as well.

Slotted Grates on Sloped Systems

A basic driveway drain system generally includes a slotted grate and a sloping channel. These sturdy systems rapidly move and eliminate water runoff. The grate covers are available in ductile ironstainless steel, or heavy-duty plastic.


Slotted Grates on Neutral Systems

A neutral channel drain may also be used for a driveway application. Available in a lightweight channel material, these systems often provide an easier install and have the option of bottom outlet drainage. The trough covers come in a variety of materials including, but not limited to cast iron, fiberglass, or stainless steel.

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Heavy Duty Systems

A heavier rated system is needed when the traffic moving over the drainage channels consists of larger vehicles, such as forklifts or pallet jacks. Installing a system that does not meet the required load class may eventually fail, causing damage to vehicles, property, and the trench drain. Load Class helps to determine what type of grates should be used for the project.


8-12 Inch Systems

The need for a high-capacity drainage system arises in areas with large water flow. TDS offers channels with fluid flow rates between 3000 to over 6700 gallons per minute. Be sure to refer to load class ratings for appropriate weight classifications when specifying a trench drain system.


High Flow Grates on Sloped Systems

A high-flow drainage solution can easily handle large volumes of stormwater as well as heavier traffic loads. The bigger the drainage system, the fewer options you will have for decorative grates. However, there are several longitudinal slotted grates that have a streamlined look and meet ADA Compliance.

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DIY Fiberglass Systems

Fiberglass is a versatile and cost-effective option for a trench drain system. It is a lightweight, but strong material that can be used in a variety of applications including, but not limited to driveways, patios, warehouses, and boating docks. Fibergrate is available in multiple colors and pattern options, as well as customizable sizes, making it ideal for DIY trench drains.

Drainage for your driveway is essential to proper water runoff control. Whether it is a new or existing, a standard or heavy-duty application there is a solution. Installing a trench drain system helps prevent standing water and possible damage to property as a result.


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