Zurn Z882 ADA Grates – P12-HPD vs. P12-ADA-USA

zurn z882, ADA zurn z882, ADA 12 in grate

In the past couple years, I have had the opportunity to sell a bunch of Zurn Z882.  This 12” wide, pre-sloped trench drain system is one of Zurn’s most commonly sold Perma-Trench product lines.  It is used for applications that span a variety of residential, commercial, industrial and transportation applications.

The standard grating that is supplied with the Z882 is a ductile iron slotted grate (P12-DGC) capable of delivery truck loads (Class C loading).  See Below.

zurn z882, ADA zurn z882, ADA 12 in grate
Fun Fact: The P12-DGC grating is also the baseline for all pricing of the Z882 system. When Z882 is quoted with a grate other than the P12-DGC, the system price is calculated by applying an adder or deduct to this baseline pricing.

As trench drains find their way into our everyday world, there is a growing demand that the drain grating “plays nice” with pedestrians.  The large openings of the P12-DGC grating helps accommodate large sheet flows of storm water during a rain event.  However, when not in service as a drain, the grating is laid bare to hazards in a world of foot traffic.  And apparently, the standard slotted DGC grate becomes a trap for folks in wheelchairs and pedestrians sporting stiletto heels.

Zurn has two ductile iron grates for the Z882 system that meet both the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) and heel-proof criteria.  These are commonly used in high pedestrian traffic areas where automobile traffic may be encountered.  These are discussed below.

Zurn P12-HPD

The P12-HPD grate is a common grating for combined pedestrian and light traffic applications.  The grate is considered a B Class grate (7000 psi) but was previously classified as a C Class grate.  The grate weighs 31.50 pounds.  It comes painted with a black coating.  Two holes are at the center of the grate to help facilitate the lock-down of the grate to the Z882 Channel.  I am under the opinion that the grate is made in China so it won’t pass the “Made in USA” criteria commonly seen with drainage grates.

heel-proof 12 in grate, 12 in heelproof zurn grates


HP 12 in grate, USA made grate, Zurn Z882 gratesThe outward design of the P12-HPDE Grate looks very similar to the HPD, but there are some big differences.  First, you’ll notice that the grate doesn’t come painted.  It has a raw cast metal look.  When exposed to moisture, it will begin to rust but will stabilize after a while.  Next, you’ll notice that the lock down holes are in the corners of the grate rather than at the center.  Having more lock down points helps to hold the grate in contact with the frame during heavy loads.  Speaking of heavy loads, this grate is rated for Class E loading.  And, when lifting the grate, you’ll see that substantially more metal is used to make it.  The P12-HDPE-USA weighs 56.5 pounds, 25 pounds more than the P12-HPD product.  Last but not least, the P12-HDPE-USA is made in the good ol’ USA.

Consider using an ADA grating when designing a trench drain that will be exposed to a high amount of foot traffic.  If in a roadway or exposed to fork truck traffic, you’ll be better off using the US made P12-HPDE-USA grating.  If the drain is in a courtyard or sidewalk, far away from automobile traffic, the standard P12-HPD grate will be will be adequate.  If you have further questions on this or any other trench drain, call the experts at Trench Drain Systems at 610-638-1221.