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Trench Drain Blog Announces its own Birth!

Thanks for stopping by this information site. We are the world’s first blog about trench drains. Right now, it may seem a bit silly to have a blog about a type of construction supply, but believe me, you’ll be seeing more and more information and discussion boards pop up from the stormwater management industry in the future.


Back in 2004, when I started selling trench drain the construction industry was about 5 years behind the rest of the industries when it came to embracing the Internet as a tool for selling products, services, and education. Often, a contractor would approach me with a great sense of urgency in search of a drain (or some other construction supply) because they had neglected to plan. This situation forced them to buy hastily and locally. Poor planning resulted in higher supply costs, higher project costs, and compromised product selection. Collateral damage to this practice includes lower profits and lower value to the customer.

This, of course, is changing. The “old guard” in the construction industry is being replaced. Younger engineers enter the workforce with amazing computer and internet skills and suppliers search outside their product specialty in an effort to provide a better customer experience.  

Contractor authority doesn’t hold as much weight as it used to. Homeowners are doing their own research before hiring outside sources, such as landscaping and contracting companies and/or purchasing products. This has increased the need of user-friendly shopping sites, such as DrainageKits.com that let the customer control the project from start to finish.

Planning rooms are becoming harder to find as project plans are being posted regularly to general contractor websites and often a subscription plan is needed. Better project planning and purchasing practices are both helping companies to finish their projects on time and under budget. 

TrenchDrainBlog.com is a part of this trend, just without a subscription. We are the premier source of information on trench drain products, installation, application, and selection. Expect to see more websites and blogs about trench drain as the stormwater management field expands. 

Enjoy your visit!  We hope to hear from you soon.

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