Decorative Grating Options for Polycast 600

polycast iron grates, dg0675hd, heavy duty drains

Hubbell improved its Polycast trench drains with 4 new ornamental cast iron grates.

The new grates fit Polycast 500 deck drains and Polycast 600 pre-sloped trench drains.  In addition to these, they have also begun offering a heavy duty ADA compliant ductile iron grate that can be used with their 00 Series product line to achieve a class F load rating.

ADA Iron Grates

polycast iron grates, dg0675hd, heavy duty drains

A recent addition to Polycast’s grating options is the DG0675HD ductile iron grate.  This product, shown above, is ADA compliant and heavy duty enough to be used in heavy load applications.  Though it is a slotted grate, it doesn’t look as industrial as standard slotted grates.  And, while not technically heel-proof, the narrow openings of this grate make it very “heel-friendly”.

The longitudinal slots help define this grate as ADA or wheelchair compliant, I feel that this grates slots give it a sleeker look which make it a more attractive option for residential drainage applications.  When used with one of the 700 series frames, the system gains both strength and aesthetics which make it an ideal selection for commercial and streetscape applications.

The main difference between the Polycast 600 and Polycast 700 series products is a frame.  Both systems utilize the same polymer concrete pre-sloped channels, the same end caps and installation hardware.  However, when a 700 frame (cast iron or HDPE) is used with a 600 series channel, the system is instantly transformed into a 700 series channel which is capable of much higher load ratings when using a cast iron grate.

For instance, a standard Polycast 600 channel with a ductile iron grate (DG0641D) is capable of class D loading, which should be able to withstand an eighteen-wheeled tractor with trailer.  When that same channel/grate combination utilizes the DG0700aa cast iron frame, the system is able to withstand the 747 jumbo jet at your local international airport, which requires a class F loading.  If you use the high density polyethylene frame (DG0700PE) in this scenario, the load class changes to class E, which is appropriate for fork truck traffic.

Decorative Polycast Grates

For applications which require a higher degree of aesthetics, ADA compliancy and higher load ratings, Polycast has their new decorative cast iron product line.

deco grates, deco drain grates, polycast deco grates

The photo above shows the Abbott (DG0693) and the Spiral (DG0694).  The Abbott is geometrically floral and harkens to an earlier time when mosaics and repeating geometric patterns dominated architecture.  It is a solid bodied grate that will stand the tests of time.  The Spiral pattern is a more eloquent pattern that is reminiscent of ancient Greece.  The thin top webbing is supported underneath with a structural mesh.

patriot deco grate, cobblestone grates,

Above are two more Polycast decorative grating options:  Patriot and Cobblestone.  The Patriot (DG0692) is my favorite of all the Polycast patterns.  It displays the “stars and stripes” theme which is a common revolutionary war era design.  I expect to see this used in the historic districts of Boston and Philadelphia.  Likewise, the Cobblestone design (DG0695) is an old style pattern suitable for a stone driveway or fieldstone house.  Both grates are rugged and offer an added component of grace to the streetscape or estate where they are used.

Polycast trench drains have finally joined the ranks of manufacturers such as, NDS, Iron Age Designs, Zurn and Polydrain (ABT) that have decorative cast iron grating offerings.

In the world of pre-sloped, commercial grate trench drain products, Iron Age is the leader in ornamental trench grating (who, by the way, make most of ABT’s decorative grates).  Zurn has a small, and somewhat boring collection of decorative grates that they sell at a premium.  NDS developed a handful of economically priced products which have not really been promoted as well as I feel they should be.  Now, “better late than never”, Polycast has developed four grates which are appealing to the eye and handsomely priced.


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